Author Topic: Optional module purchase(s) missing (Invoice, Synchronization, Quickbooks)  (Read 6172 times)


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We've had a few people write us about missing modules after they did a iTunes restore or after an iOS update, so we wanted to let people know what their options are.

1) You can go thru the "Purchase" process again (Modules -> Upgrades), note that Apple will NOT charge you!  Although it looks like you have to pay for the module again, after you tap the Buy button it will tell you that you have already purchased this option and asks if you want to Download it again.  Tap Yes.  You will want to do this if you do not have a good Backup that you can Restore from.

2) Restore from a Backup file.  We highly recommend frequent backups to either Dropbox or Time Master Central.  You should always do a Backup before any iOS updates and even before updating Time Master.  We always have reports of a few failed iTunes updates to the latest iOS update and even on rare occasion the updater failing to install the new version of Time Master correctly.

3) You can attempt to extract the "database.rsd" file from an older iTunes backup if you have not done a Backup using either Dropbox or Time Master Central.  See this thread on how to do this.,82.0.html

We hope this will help for those of you that have experienced this problem.