Time Master - Synchronization Module
. Available as an "In App Purchase".

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On-Core Time Master is the ultimate time tracking app for your Windows 8 device.

The Synchronization module allows you to synchronize two or more devices so that they will have the same data on all devices. If you have an Windows 8 device, iPhone or an iPad, this is the best way to be able to work on either device and keep them synced together. The synchronization must be done via a local Wi-Fi connection.

You can purchase the module once and on your other Androd devcies, when signed into the Google Play Store, iit should install it on your other Android devices for free.

How it works

Launch Time Master on both devices and make sure that they are "awake". Next on one of the two devices, access the Settings -> Modules -> Syncrhonization from the Charms menu (on the right) and select "Synchronize with Device". Your other device will show up in a list and you will be able to initiate the synchronization. Confrim on the second device and it will synchronize your data. There are some more advance options and please see the documentation for more details.