On-Core Time Master - Invoice Module
for iPhone and iPod Touch . Available as an "In App Purchase".

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On-Core Time Master is the ultimate time tracking app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Windows 8 device.

Now you can send professional invoices to your clients directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch (iPod when on Wi-Fi) with the optional Invoicing module (available as an "In App Purchase"). No matter if you are sending an invoice for one single Time Entry or a whole months worth, we offer the power and flexibility you need.

The invoices are in PDF format, so they will look fantastic even when spanning multiple pages, unlike our competitors who are using HTML for their layout. After sending the invoice you will be prompted to mark the invoice as "Billed". This will "lock" the associated time and expense entries from further modification. Time Entry and Expenses can easily be added or removed from a Pending invoice. You are never permanently locked out from modifying an invoice and can change the status back to "Pending" if you need to. Last you can mark the invoice a "Paid", so you know who owes you money and who has paid.

To Purchase the Invoice Module, launch Time Master on your iPhone or iPod Touch (Touch with Wi-Fi) and then tap on the "Modules" tab (bottom). Tap on the "Upgrades" row and tap on the "Purchase" button to buy the "Invoicing Upgrade".


  • Professional looking PDF invoices.
  • Add your own custom logo for professional appearance or just use standard text.
  • Automatically spans multiple pages if necessary.
  • Automatic or Manual generation of invoices. Have the program gather all the "non-invoiced" Time and Expense entries and add them to a new invoice. You can additionally tweak the invoice by adding or removing any entries.
  • Invoice statuses: Pending, Billed and Paid. An entry can be modified when in Pending status. It is "locked" when Billed or Paid. An invoice can be moved back to Pending status if necessary.
  • Set or change the "Next Invoice #" any time you'd like.
  • Ability to add a "Deposit". If you receive money from your client before the job starts, create at least one new Time or Expense entry, attach it to the Invoice and add your deposit.
  • Ability to add a "Discount". You can discount the invoice either by a fixed amount or a percentage.
  • Add Tax to Time Entries and/or Expenses.
  • Add your own custom Terms to the invoice and a brief Note.
  • PO#. If the customer gives you a Purchase Order Number, just enter that in the PO# field and it will appear on the invoice.
  • Invoices can be emailed to yourself or your client.
  • Copy client information from your Contacts (Address book app).
  • Can set "minimum amount" so that invoices won't get created if the amount is too low. Thus deferring those entries to the next time you are invoicing.
  • Invoices can fit the following paper sizes: US Letter, US Legal, ISO A4, ISO B4 and JIS B4.
  • Customize what displays in the Description fields and change the order, if you desire.
  • Tax and Alt Tax. If you have more than one tax, such as in Canada, there is a second (alternate) tax that can be used. The second tax and either be a "separate" tax or a "cumulative" tax. The separate tax each tax calculates against the sub-total amount. The cumulative tax first multiplies the first tax and that is added to the sub-total and then the second tax is calculated.
  • Payment system: Add Payments, Credits or Debits and post against one or more invoices.

How it works

There are two ways that you can create invoices. Either "Manually" or "Automatically". Manually you can select any non-billed Time and Expense entries and add them to the invoice by tapping on the row. With the Automatic function, you can set the Start and End date and it will create one or more invoices for any non-billed entries all in one shot. You can also go in an invoice, after it's created and remove any Time or Expense entries that you do not want attached to that invoice. Invoices have three statuses: Pending, Billed and Paid. When an invoice is marked as Billed or Paid, the associated Time and/or Expense entries will be "locked" and prevent further editing. If you need to modify an entry on the invoice, simply set the status back to "Pending" and you can then modify the entry. You can also remove entries from the invoice if necessary.

Click on one of our sample invoices:

Invoice sample #1 - Small font

Invoice sample #2 - Large font

Invoice sample #3 - Multi-page

Invoice sample #4 - With Foreign Currency

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