If you need it, we can develop applications using C/C++ and assembly languages for any project. Complex? Not a problem! We have experience in developing for Macintosh, Unix, Palm Pilot and Windows PC applications. Short or long term.


Our experience includes applications and expertise in the following areas:
. Distribution systems
. Medical billing systems (visit our sister company: A.H.M.S.).
. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications.
. QuarkXpress plugins.
. Palm applications.
. Device drivers for OS 9.x and OS X.
. Telecommunications framework.
. Graphical pattern analysis software.
. NNTP news server.
. Mac based multimedia plugins.
. Emulators (including Super Nintendo Emu, Midway, & MacMame).
. Game development and porting.
. Application Services (Web: PHP & SQL). (see