On-Core Max Speed - Ver 2.0
for iPhone . Download it now for free!

Max Speed is a free GPS app to log your fastest speed, elapsed time and distance on a trial run. You can also map a route traveled and export a GPX file of your route.


  • Large display of speed.
  • Log your elapsed time and distance travelled.
  • Cover the top sensor to turn off the display and save battery.
  • Capture a screen shot.
  • Pause time and distance when you quit app. Will resume after you relaunch it.
  • Heading on newer devices is based on compass rather than GPS heading. Top of device indicates heading.
  • Display local weather (internet connection required) for statistics from Wunderground.com.
  • Map a route traveled (internet connection require for map overlay).
  • Export GPX files via email.
  • Import GPX files from email or websites.


maxspeed route gpx

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For Routing. Simply tap on the "Start Recording" button. If you have the proximity sensor turned ON, and you cover the iPhone, it will blank out the screen to help preserve battery life.

When you are finished recording your Route, tap on the "Stop Recording" button. You can start another route and it will have it's own independent start and end points. You can toggle between the street view and detail view by tapping on the "Map Type".

After the route is generated, you can tap on the Export button to email the GPX file of your route(s). You can import these into a program that can work with GPX files, such as Google Earth. You can also re-open those files in Max Speed, at a later date, by emailing them to your iPhone. Just tap on the "route.gpx" file in the email and do a "Open with Max Speed". Note that you can enter your email address in the Settings so that it will be automatically entered in the email "To:" field.

We hope you have fun with our little free app. We built it for our friends and want to share it with anyone who likes it. Enjoy!

route gpx detail