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Version for Windows Phone
« on: December 02, 2013, 10:02:37 pm »
So far, I am very impressed. I have used several time entry apps on different devices over the years and this is one of the few that seems to do everything I need. I learned early that if you don't collect your time as you perform tasks, you lose a lot of billable time. There are no comparable apps on Windows Phone 8. There are some basic time capture apps, but nothing with the range of features and the Quickbooks interface that your app offers.

I am going to use a Lenovo Miix 2 8" tablet as my data entry device, but it would be great to have it for the phone. One less device to carry. Especially with the larger phones becoming available now. Still a small market, but a lot of professional IT people won't use Apple and would prefer not to use Android.

FYI, I have been using It's About Time on a Nexus 7. Nice App. Good QuickBooks interface. Yours is more full featured.


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Re: Version for Windows Phone
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2013, 11:29:37 pm »
It is very unlikely that we will do a Windows phone version.  Sorry.  So far the Win 8.x sales have not justified moving it over to a phone.  We are looking into porting to Android as we have had a lot of requests for that.