Author Topic: Suggestions after using Quickbooks and invoicing modules for a month  (Read 11752 times)


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I've been using this software for the past month to get better billing than with spreadsheets and pieces of paper that get misplaced. Quirky and difficult to learn at first, but I'm loving it! I especially like that I can sync my iPhone and iPad because I often use my phone for time start/stop and type my notes on the iPad. In fact, that and Quickbooks integration were the two sole reasons I purchased this software.

Here is an observation and a suggestion. When I generate an invoice in the field to email a client it looks very nice, with dates, start and stop times, etc. When I import back into Quickbooks I would love to have the date and start/stop times embedded in the reference field to show up in the Quickbooks notes. It would make billing so much quicker than having to look them up and manually enter them in Quickbooks. Also, the totals are off by a few cents to a dollar for every item. Probably a rounding error of some sort. I have to change Quickbook's line totals to match a Time Master invoice if I sent one to a client. Can these be looked at in a future version?

Is there a way to set a higher invoice number to start with in Time Master? Since I'm the only person that invoices, I could easily keep them the same number as a Quickbooks invoice number if I could start it at a higher number, or reset it to a current number whenever I'm done my monthly invoicing in Quickbooks.



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Re: Suggestions after using Quickbooks and invoicing modules for a month
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2012, 04:31:49 pm »
Hi Aaron,

Although we usually recommend either doing the billing thru the optional Quickbooks module or the optional Invoice module, we never intended for anyone to try and use both together.  That being said, yes it is quite likely that there will be rounding issues for time unless you are using specific rounding (I believe that 6 minutes (1/10 hr)) can be used accurate to two decimal places in the Duration field, but most others are not.  We default to 4 decimal places as that is the only way to guarantee the rounded totals are accurate.  I'm sure that QB only uses 2 decimal places.

You can turn ON various fields to also export into the QB "Memo" field.  Setup -> Quickbooks -> Memo Fields.

For each Company you can set the starting invoice #.  Setup -> Invoicing -> Companies -> (select your company) -> Next Invoice #