Author Topic: TM 5.0: Could not store Entry - An error occurred while storing this entry  (Read 9387 times)


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NOTE: Time Master 5.1 is now available on the App Store for download.  It fixes this problem, so please download it now!  :)


In Time Master 5.0 if you see this message while trying to save a Time Entry this is what is happening.  Since version 1.0 of TM, we have our own "Save state" routines so that if you exit the app while in a screen (due to an incoming phone call, etc.) we "save" what is on the screen instead of loosing it, as on other apps.  In 5.0 we have a problem with the Save state.  If you exit Time Master while you are in the Time Entries "Add" or "Edit" screen, this error can occur.

Here is how you can fix this problem.  From the "Add" or "Edit" screen you must tap on "Cancel".  Be sure to write down any necessary information as you will loose any changes to this entry.  Next quit Time Master by tapping on the Home button.  Then your must Force Quit Time Master (on devices that support Multi-tasking).  To quit apps you must double-tap on the Home button.  You should see most of the screen darken and the bottom row should now show the "running" applications.  Tap-and-hold on the Time Master icon.  The bottom icons should start to wiggle and have a little red circle on them (see picture):

Now tap on the little red circle on Time Master to quit it.  Tap the Home button and the red circles should disappear, then tap Home again so the screen appears normal.  Now you can launch Time Master and it will allow you to save entries again.

The important thing to do until Time Master v5.1 is available (submitted today) is to make sure that you are NOT on the "Add" or "Edit" Time Entries screen when you exit Time Master.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that it has caused some of you!  :(
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