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« on: October 13, 2011, 03:06:18 pm »
I often have to travel to my customers site to work on issues and I would love it if Time Master would use the new built in geo-fencing technology. It would be really nice for when I show up at a customers site and start a new time log it automatically knows which customer I'm working for based on a previous geo-fence setup from the previous visit and if no previous visit be able to add it. Also it would notice when I leave the customers location and prompt me to use that as my stop time. I often show up at a customers site and either forget to start the timer or forget to stop the timer when I leave.

Also another feature that would be great is if I could auto add in travel time entries based on a specific customer. We charge 2way travel from our office to the customers site if we must go onsite. It would be nice if I could have TM automatically add in the travel time for that client with a checkbox or button. When you create a new client name you could specify a set travel time and have that be added when I start a new time entry if a box is marked.
EX. I show up at a customers site, start my time, tag a checkbox for travel time. End of the week I print my report and it shows my 2hours onsite work and my 1hour round trip travel in the report.

Keep up the great work with this great app. I believe this is the app I use the most other then MAIL!


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Re: geo-fencing
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2011, 07:01:36 pm »
Sounds like a fun idea, however one of the problems is that the app would have to be running in order for it to do this.  We played a bit with GPS stuff in our Max Speed app, but found that when it is running in the background it uses the cell towers for triangulation.  We say points jump several miles at a time, so as neat as this sounds, it probably wouldn't work that well and could do more harm than good.  But we do thank you for the unique suggestion!  :)

If you are recording time like that it would really need to be a separate entry, I would think.  If the "rates" were different it would need to be it's own thing.  We really do not want to try "tying" different things like that together because if one thing is deleted, then the other item has to be handled too and that can get really messy.  Also would it be possible for you to set it up as an Expenditure in the Expenses so it just creates an amount rather than a timed entry.  You could just select that Expenditure code for that Client when you go there.  Just a thought?