Author Topic: Will you guys ever integrate the app with Xero online accounting?  (Read 4807 times)


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Let me first say that I love your app.  I've tried MANY different time tracking solutions both local and on the cloud.  Yours blows the competition to pieces.  BUT I use Xero cloud acccounting for my business and I'm going to have to settle for a lower quality time tracking solution because your won't communicate with Xero (or with QuickBooks Online, which I used before).  It would be great if Time Master could link to the major cloud based accounting solutions.


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Re: Will you guys ever integrate the app with Xero online accounting?
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 10:58:06 am »
We will add your request to our "wish list", but to be honest it is unlikely to happen.  Here is why.  Quickbooks is debatably the most popular account package out there.  Even though we developed the QB way back in Dec 2009, we haven't even come close to recouping the amount of time we put into it compared to the income.  There are many other smaller accounting apps like this, and we have had requests for others that we have never heard of before, but for us to develop a specific module for that would be a loosing proposition for us.  We have many other features that we are still trying to incorporate into Time Master that we feel are important, so it is very unlikely that we will add support for little guys like like this.  Sorry.

That being said, you should look into seeing if Xero can import CSV files.  If they can, then all you should need to do is setup your Report output to be in a format that works with it.  You would turn OFF any columns that you don't want on the import file (e.g. odometer readings, etc.).  Unfortunately Intuit is one of those companies who uses proprietary tools to force people into licensing it from them for a lot of $$$ every year.  If it weren't for the fact that they had added the free IIF format way back when, we would not have even done that module.  They decided to make the QB Online version without the IIF import and I guess only use a proprietary format.