Author Topic: Fixed price project: half up front and then monthly billing. How can I do this?  (Read 4314 times)


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I've set up a fixed price project for this. Have generated the invoice for the 1/2 deposit.
But with the fixed price set up I won't be able to generate another invoice until I mark it complete. Client wants monthly invoices for the second half of the project, after the deposit amount has been used up. Ultimately it is fixed price but with potentially uneven usage of my time across the months.
Any ideas for how I can do this?
Thanks in advance.


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If I understand your question, it sounds like you are sort of on the right track.  If your first month is "fixed", but you have to bill in 1/2, then you would have to create 2 separate Fixed Price Projects and bill each.   After that it sounds like you then bill at your normal billing rate, per month, correct?  If so, then just create a Time Entry every day and then at the end of the month turn those into an invoice and bill for that amount.