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If I understand your question, it sounds like you are sort of on the right track.  If your first month is "fixed", but you have to bill in 1/2, then you would have to create 2 separate Fixed Price Projects and bill each.   After that it sounds like you then bill at your normal billing rate, per month, correct?  If so, then just create a Time Entry every day and then at the end of the month turn those into an invoice and bill for that amount.
I've set up a fixed price project for this. Have generated the invoice for the 1/2 deposit.
But with the fixed price set up I won't be able to generate another invoice until I mark it complete. Client wants monthly invoices for the second half of the project, after the deposit amount has been used up. Ultimately it is fixed price but with potentially uneven usage of my time across the months.
Any ideas for how I can do this?
Thanks in advance.
General Discussion / Long term compatibility and stability?
« Last post by tomisenbarger on August 20, 2020, 08:18:30 am »
I've been a long-time user of Time Master on iOS and I am very happy with it. I am curious what plans are in place for keeping it functional for the long term? I know it is difficult to predict what changes will be made to the various OSes, but I would love to know I can depend on TM for the long term.
Time Master Problems and Support / Search
« Last post by tomisenbarger on August 20, 2020, 08:07:30 am »
When I pull down to reveal the search box (with text "Reference & Session Notes") and tap in it, I cannot toggle between "Reference" and "Notes / Codes"). "Reference" is highlighted in blue and tapping on "Notes / Codes" does not do anything. I'd like to be able to search by code.

iOS 13.6.1 and Time Master 6.3.7
Time Master Suggestions / Re: OS X progress
« Last post by Adam on May 21, 2020, 06:45:06 pm »
Unfortunately time has been the issue.  We are busy with other long term projects and we don't have the time to develop this right now.   We may look into it again if and when we have the time.
Time Master Suggestions / OS X progress
« Last post by gmel on May 18, 2020, 07:01:47 pm »
I have been using the IOS/IPAD apps for many years now in my freelance business and love it still. Will you ever add an OS X app? For a program that works so well, I don't understand why you don't continue to develop it.
Time Master Invoice Module / Re: Session Start/Stop Times not showing on invoice
« Last post by Adam on May 06, 2020, 11:17:00 am »
You probably only have the Reference notes fields on.  You would also need to turn on the Session Notes.  They are in Setup -> Invoicing -> Companies -> (select your company) -> Invoice Settings -> Description Fields.
Time Master Suggestions / Re: iOS 13 Dark Mode
« Last post by Adam on May 06, 2020, 11:14:32 am »
Currently no plans to do a Dark Mode.  This app was originally written in 2009, long before Apple had good tools to layout the screens.  It would take a huge re-write to do over all the screens using what they now call "Storyboard".  Not sure that I'll ever have the time to do that since the current system works and I really don't want to break it.  :)
Time Master Invoice Module / Session Start/Stop Times not showing on invoice
« Last post by jedijiver on May 05, 2020, 06:08:41 pm »
I use sessions from time to time. I have Start/Stop times invoice display option set in setting, but I only get times for the first session, not each session. What am I doing wrong?  Thanks.
Time Master Suggestions / iOS 13 Dark Mode
« Last post by jedijiver on May 05, 2020, 06:02:27 pm »
I haven't seen an update is some time. Would love to see Dark Mode adopted. Is this in the works?

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