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Title: Time Master Central - Export option removed since TMC 3.0
Post by: Adam on July 26, 2011, 04:36:19 pm
A few people have written about that fact that we have removed the "Export" function from Time Master Central.  We had deprecated that function over a year and a half ago and had been removed in the prior version (3.0).

The reason we did this are twofold.  First, since iOS 3 we were now able to send out the CSV file directly from the device.  The Report export defaults to HTML, but you can turn on "HTML and CSV" by going to Setup -> Reports -> Format and changing it to "HTML and CSV".  That will give you a CSV attachment in the email.  The second reason is that Windows does not use the same Time Zone format as the Mac OS platforms, so we were not able to 100% convert the TZ information from the iOS device on Windows.  So those are the two reason that it has been removed from Time Master Central.