The medical practices of tomorrow will survive only if they can efficiently handle information, maintain clear and accurate medical records, contain costs, and provide efficient services. To do so you need effective and affordable HIPAA compliant practice management tools.

AHMS practice manager consists of multiple modules:

• Comprehensive Patient Demographics.
• Billing and Accounting: Cash flow is notably improved because real time demographics are integrated with billing and accounting for rapid processing. A closed accounting system with an internal audit trail ensures accuracy.
• Complete Electronic and Manual Insurance Processing: Processing time is significantly reduced by submitting insurance claims electronically, thus expediting payments.
• Flexible Scheduling: Easily tracks patients by day, week, month, provider, and/or locations.
• Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Complete medical histories and office notes are recorded through user-defined templates.
• HIPAA and HCFA Compliant.
• Intra-Office Messaging: Calls are logged in by user-defined operators and electronically dispatched with time and date to the provider for review and resolution. These are then automatically stored in the patients record.
• Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities.
• Optical scanning: Allows for rapid online access in a secure environment for storage of consultative reports, historic charts, x-rays and more at the touch of a button. Administrative and bushiness records can also be stored.
• Reporting: All data elements are uniquely reportable. These include comprehensive end of day, end of month reports.
• Clients for Macintosh OSX 10.4 (and newer) and Windows 2000 (and newer)
• Very fast, true multi-user system. Can support a small practice or hundreds of users for large practices/groups.
• And so much more...

What will AHMS do for you?

• Reducing Staff.
• Eliminating paper charts with instantly accessible MDDocs optical records.
• Simplifying Record-Keeping.
• Organizing Corporate Records.
• Tracking Messaging (intra-office email).
• Facilitating Compliance (HIPAA and more).
• Expediting Claim processing.

A four-physician office in central New Jersey realized a $75,000 in savings the first year. They were able to reduce staff by more than 10%, freed up 700 square feet of storage space and reduced their consumables and paper cost.

How do I get started?

Choose from two startup plans:

Plan #1 : Client-based stations accessing AHMS Practice Manager as the Application Service Provider (ASP).

• We provide backups, maintenance and security of data on a centralized server.

Plan #2 : Purchase your own in-house server system.

• Complete independence.
• Rare: Internet disruptions are not an issue with a single practice location.
• One-time purchase fee with monthly maintenance.

View some screen shots: (click here)

Please contact us or call 732-842-1973 (10 am - 6 pm EST) for more information and to arrange for an online demo of AHMS®. See how it will help you run your practice more efficiently.